Mon, 13th of October


Hand knitted Doctor Who S14 scarf

The reason why this scarf looks a bit shorter than your “usual doctor who scarf” is because it is!!! This is the S14 scarf. I made it as a Christmas present for my friend and she decided to go for the S14 version because she is short and it would be easier to wear! She also didn’t want the fringes/tassels.

Also, I’m considering maybe start selling these if there’s anyone interested. It doesn’t need to be this version specifically and I can add the tassels if you want! So it would be great if you could let me know if you’re interested!!

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Tue, 2nd of September

Top two ads that appear when you google ‘help me’

Sat, 30th of August

I can’t stop laughing

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Wed, 27th of August

This is what happens when I go back to facebook

Tue, 19th of August

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Sun, 17th of August

Cool Night In Paris - Lewis

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Lewis // Cool Night In Paris

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Sun, 17th of August

She's Losing It - Belle And Sebastian

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Belle And Sebastian // She’s Losing It

Thu, 14th of August

I have never talked to another Ruairidh in my life

Tue, 12th of August

Work Work - clipping.

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clipping. // Work Work

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Thu, 7th of August

Other great wicked camper van slogans I just thought of


  • "the concept of extinguishing a human life really gets me aroused, it’s called a murder boner"
  • "sometimes it’s ok to hit a woman, also I like the band dune rats"
  • "straight up I voted for tony abbott because I dislike women"
  • "fuck palestine" 
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