Sat, 7th of June

The last thing we need is a recreation of the 60’s New Radical movements

Thu, 29th of May

so rich and famous, Robin Leach will get jealous” is probably one of the best lyrics ever written

Thu, 22nd of May

Omg thank you

Thu, 22nd of May

Someone pls distract me from these essays

Thu, 22nd of May

It’s interesting how excluded suffragists are from contemporary discourse about the female suffrage movement. I would guess that the majority of people don’t even know the distinction between suffragists & suffragettes. The process of rendering the suffragettes as the primary actors in the struggle for women’s rights represents a false radicalisation of the movement for female emancipation in my opinion

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Wed, 21st of May
❝ Why, for example, does a twenty-two-year-old man pursue a sixteen-year-old adolescent? Because he is stimulated and challenged by her? Obviously not. They are at completely different
developmental points in life with a dramatic imbalance in their levels of knowledge and experience. He is attracted to power and seeks a partner who will look up to him with awe and allow him to lead her. ❞
—   Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, by Lundy Bancroft (via theplaceinsidetheblizzard)   —
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Wed, 21st of May

The focus on how gross Tony Abbott is as opposed to how gross his policies are is hugely damaging to any sort of youth political discourse. The Coalition is complex and its motives are far more complex than ‘Tony Abbott is Evil’. Misunderstanding the cause of the Coalition’s actions will ultimately lead to misunderstanding the solution. Tony Abbott is the least problematic part of this government

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Sun, 18th of May

disparatre said: that sounds like fun kind of not really

It’s very interesting, my brain is just dying and ugh

Sun, 18th of May

Hey does anyone want to talk to me about sexual agency as a property right and its implications on consent? This essay is killing me

Sat, 17th of May

Caesar is a good name because the parents expect their child to be either a feared military leader or a salad and it’s nice that they’re keeping their options open

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