Pitch: A respected former Australian Governor-General and Papal Knight Sir William Dean (Guy Pearce) desperately attempts to hide his darkest secret; an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Meanwhile a journalist (Marta Dusseldorp) starts investigating disappearing bodies from the Sydney Morgue and inadvertently stumbles upon a shadowy establishment conspiracy that goes right to the top. As the body count piles up, reputations are made & broken and the pressure becomes too much for some.. 

evasives said: hahaha i only just saw this…and guess what i spent tonight watching larkrise to candleford (aka best worst show) while eating doritos…………….

I was going to say yesterday, I did literally spend yesterday night eating nutella and watching The Amazing Race reruns (so much better than survivor imo). Hahahahahaha candleford is the most ridiculous show but Judi Dench could make any show watchable. Even ‘Bindi Irwin’s Bootcamp’. Doritos were a great choice, I decided to choose the Natural Chip Company chips and they are fucking awful. That’s what I get for buying something with ‘natural’ in the name. I’m watching the WA election and I really wish I was drunk

Actually one more thing about the WA election; if the prediction of the election of 3 Liberal, 1 Palmer, 1 Labor & 1 Green senators holds it is extremely bad news for hopes of any Senate checks on Tony Abbott. That result would give the Liberal/Nationals 33 senators and the Palmer United Party (who Abbott would need to negotiate with anyway) 4 senators*. This would mean that in addition to Palmer, Tony Abbott would only need the votes of David Leyonhjelm (a right-libertarian) and Bob Day (a Family First Senator to the right of Abbott) to gain the 39 votes needed to pass legislation in the Senate

Although if Ludlam’s primary predictions hold it would seem like he was taking from the ALP too, but I can’t imagine who would have voted ALP in september but changed to Green now

I guess Palmer cannibalised the ALP base again, seems the most likely realistic explanation for the huge drop

If the WA voting predictions stay consistent fuck Joe Bullock has a lot to answer for

Maybe we could move away entirely from an individual rights discourse and instead focus on the common good. 

If you say Franco now, most people think of James #makesuthunk

A guy who was in the year level below me at school is now a male stripper at sexpo????????????????

Some guy in my tute thought If We Really Needed Rainforests, Corporations Would Buy Them And Make Sure They Were Looked After