Tue, 2nd of September

Top two ads that appear when you google ‘help me’

Sat, 30th of August

I can’t stop laughing

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Wed, 27th of August

This is what happens when I go back to facebook

Tue, 19th of August

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Sun, 17th of August

Cool Night In Paris - Lewis

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Lewis // Cool Night In Paris

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Sun, 17th of August

She's Losing It - Belle And Sebastian

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Belle And Sebastian // She’s Losing It

Thu, 14th of August

I have never talked to another Ruairidh in my life

Tue, 12th of August

Work Work - clipping.

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clipping. // Work Work

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Thu, 7th of August

Other great wicked camper van slogans I just thought of


  • "the concept of extinguishing a human life really gets me aroused, it’s called a murder boner"
  • "sometimes it’s ok to hit a woman, also I like the band dune rats"
  • "straight up I voted for tony abbott because I dislike women"
  • "fuck palestine" 
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Tue, 5th of August

There is David Cameron/George Osborne fic

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