Thu, 21st of June

Things that have so far today:

*I had to get up at 5.30 am

*For those that know my usual sleeping habits (which is all of you, I can hear your breathing outside my window at night) that is approximately 10 hours before I usually wake up

*I remembered half way through my bus trip that I had no pens for my exam

*I had to travel in the most crowded train I have ever taken

*And was stuck next to two 16 year olds pretending that they were really hardcore because they took ‘disco biscuits’

*If you are calling things ‘disco biscuits’ you probably haven’t reached the level of cool you are aiming for

*Did I mention I was like squashed under some girl’s fucking armpit too?

*So I went to the Caulfield Coles to get pens

*And it is the mos retarded Coles ever

*Its layout is counter-intuitive madness

*Finally found pens, had to pay for them with card

*Accidentally got cash-out then forgot that I did so didn’t end up getting the cash

*So I lost $4

*Do you think I am made of dollah billz bro?

*Then I realised I had lost my student ID card on the train

*So I was worried they wouldn’t let me sit the exam

*But they did and I’ve finished my exams so all’s well that ends well

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